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Tel/WhatsApp:  +358 45 783 152 73
Email: info@kantokosmetiikka.fi


Kantoniementie 16
83750 Sotkuma
Business ID: 2535533-4


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Joensuu 34 km
Kuopio 120 km
Outokumpu 32 km
Polvijärvi 24 km


The most convenient way to reach us is by car. The nearest public transport stop is 10 km away, so carpooling is encouraged. Please note that the address is set to Sotkuma Kantoniementie (Polvijärvi). If you need directions to the route, please contact us by email or phone. Sotkuman Kantoniementie (Polvijärvi). Jos tarvitset ohjeistusta reittiin, otathan yhteyttä sähköpostilla tai puhelimitse.


Oiteli Lasarov

Olen Oiteli, KANTO Kosmetiikan yrittäjä ja äidinkielen opettaja.

Kiinnostukseni luonnonkosmetiikkaan ja itse tehtyyn kosmetiikkaan syntyi vuosia sitten, kun ryhdyin tutkimaan, mitä kaikkea iholleni kosmetiikan mukana päätyy. Hoksasin, että arkipäivän kosmetiikkatuotteita pystyy helposti tekemään itse vaikka vain keittiön kaappien aineksista. Lisäksi huomasin, että yksinkertaisista, luonnosta lähtöisin olevista raaka-aineista voi saada tehokasta apua esimerkiksi erilaisiin iho-ongelmiin. Näitä oivalluksia halusin alkaa jakaa eteenpäin, ja niin syntyi idea KANTO Kosmetiikasta.

Toivotan sinut lämpimästi tervetulleeksi luonnonkosmetiikan maailmaan!


Far-reaching beauty from Kantoniemi

We are KANTO Kosmetiikka, a natural cosmetics company from Northern Karelia. We offer experiences on the shores of Lake Viinijärvi in Kantoniemi, where we organise cosmetics courses and where KANTO products are created. Our products and courses are aimed at you who appreciate natural and simple ingredients in your beauty care.

Our aim is to help people strengthen their connection with nature. Kantoniemi is a scenic cape area surrounded by pure nature, where nature embraces you. In addition to the surrounding nature, we want to give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in another nature. In ancient Finland, the word 'nature' meant the personal power within man. We want to help strengthen this connection with nature: knowing, listening, accepting and loving oneself. Taking time for our own wellbeing and lovingly crafted pampering products such as foot baths and body scrubs remind us of the importance (and wonderfulness!) of caring for ourselves.

One of KANTO's core values is allergy-friendliness, so we left out any ingredients from the recipes that we didn't see a clear need for. We also don't use essential oils because, despite their positive effects, they contain allergens. Most of our ingredients are organic, and beeswax is Finnish organic beeswax. The resin for the beeswax is collected from the fir trees in Kantoniemi in a way that respects nature. In the product information on our website, we always include the list of ingredients in Finnish, so you can easily check what ends up on your skin. All our products are safety-assessed in accordance with the Cosmetics Act.

We are happy to share the recipes we use in our courses to make it easier for more and more people to find clean cosmetics for their everyday life.

We warmly welcome you to discover a more natural approach to beauty care with values based on far-reaching values.